Top 5 Gaming Keyboard 2021

 The best selling point of a gaming keyboard is that it feels good when you type on it. There are three main aspects to this… You feel the bumpy, tactile feedback as your finger tips hit the “bump” zones. This helps you avoid “ghost” or “false” typing errors. The keycaps themselves have a solid, satisfying “click” when you press them down. This too helps you avoid ghosting. And finally, because the switches in a mechanical keyboard are mechanical, they have an “unexpected” and very useful lifespan. After years of reliable service, a switch in your favorite keyboard may still be performing like new. Other keyboards with “off-the-shelf” components will begin to show signs of failure after just a few months of intensive use. If you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboard for gaming… this is it!











1,Razer Cynosa V2 – the best budget gaming keyboard

the Razer Cynosa V2 also known as the best budget gaming keyboard that can be found on the market in 2021 .

The Cynosa range has always been a good entry point into the world of gaming keyboards .

And the latest installment of the series does not disappoint affordable but reliable ,this is an affordable product that doesn’t feel cheap .

At all the high performance and low price of the Razer Cynosa V2 makes it ideal for newcomers.

it is comfortable and familiar but different from traditional office alternatives. the layout is classic and the low profile keys remain in an elegant black layout.

The Cynosa  V2 also gets better with the new key limited rgb lighting that makes the device even brighter .

 However the biggest keyboard update would be dedicated multimedia controls .

the Razer Cynosa V2 now has volume play skip and mute buttons on the upper right corner.

For more control add superior cable management and spill resistance and you get a device that exceeds its price.

it lacks a more durable wrist and keys but at this price you can’t complain that much .

If the Razer Cynosa V2 is your first gaming keyboard you will be impressed .

Just remember you have to download and use razer Cynosa  software to take advantage of maximum functionality .

In terms of performance not much has changed the new Cynosa delivers the goods like its predecessor .

this means that it is great for typing and gaming which makes it just as comfortable in the office as playing apex legends in particular the speed and resistance of each key are in place fingers run over them as you type . but the keys need enough power to act and don’t feel cheap .

It’s also a pretty quiet device it’s much less noisy than mechanical devices like the Razer huntsman mini.

2,The SteelSeries Apex 5 – the best value gaming keyboard

Steel series apex 5 is a gaming keyboard that aims to reduce model prices like the

steelseries apex7 and steelseries apex pro ,to occupy a niche in a low-cost mechanical keyboard niche, it is located halfway between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane model and installs a type of hybrid button that reduces production costs .

this button simulates the operation of the cherry mx blue switch is versatile and offers a good experience in playing and typing .

however the hybrid switch despite a guarantee of 20 million keystrokes fails to respond as efficiently as the reaction of a mechanical keyboard for games.

With specialized keys in the upper right corner there’s a wheel for volume control and profiles as well as a familiar oled screen that displays additional information in games and discord messages, something present in the top models of this brand .

In the illuminated keyboard section we must mention that it allows the combination of 16.8 million colors which is managed by the steelseries software, like other models of ergonomic keyboards .

It includes a removable wrist rest that provides comfort and a pleasant touch .

Another detail in its favor is the ease of cleaning .

Thanks to the floating arrangement of keys the apex 5 is also compatible with this steel series machine. And this is where the true beauty of rgb lighting oled screens and multimedia controls comes to the forefront add all that hardware to the sublime piece of customization software in your macros built-in profiles and keystrokes seem infinitely more powerful all in all.

the steelseries apex 5 is amazing to use and comes with an impressive range of features and customization options at a great price .

This model steel series apex 5 comes in a hybrid blue color while its dimensions

are 5.51 by 17.52 by 1.59 inches, the weight is 2.04 pounds.

3,The Logitech G915 – the best wireless gaming keyboard

The Logitech G915 is an exceptional low profile ,thin format wireless keyboard, that combines top quality design with a variety of additions and great versatility. To begin

With the maximum battery charge of 30 hours, with 100 illumination should be noted. As well as a detailed display of some dedicated multimedia keys and volume keys in the upper left corner we find the company’s logo.

A part of the keyboard backlit system included in the lightsync program. Just below we see five programmable g5 keys for macros to make it smaller.

These switches also have backlighting, then on the f10 and f11 we have two leds that inform us about the activation of capital letters and the status of the battery .

Finally we have four dedicated multimedia switches in the upper right corner of the keyboard ,as well as a scroll wheel to calibrate the volume also on the back edge and in its central part.

We find the micro usb port for connecting the logitech g915 cable and so we can charge it even during use.

Rgb backlight is individual for each key ,from standard switches to macro and multimedia buttons .

To Logitech images as for the lighting and macros, we cannot avoid talking about the software .

The logitech g-hub, this software has a vast array of resources and although there are a lot of configuration panels .

The interface is neat and clean, we mainly have three main options light sync for lighting options ,patterns speed direction and intensity tasks for managing active keys and setting up commands keys actions macros and system controls and game mode that disables keys whether pre-selected or customized.G

 4, The Corsair K100 RGB -the best high-end gaming keyboard

The Corsair K100 RGB is the culmination of Corsair ‘s entire experience in this field so far ,and the launch pad for two new technologies .Corsair icon soc on an armbase that allows a pulling speed of 4000 hertz ,and storage of multiple profiles with complex lighting effects .

Also there is a new exclusive linear mechanical switch with optical activation, and an activation point of 1mm a stroke of 3.2 mm ,and an activation force of 45 g the

combination of the brushed aluminum top plate ,and raised keys is a design that has stood the test of time .

In terms of attractiveness and quality of workmanship ,the macro keystrokes are two-tone abs ,they give players extra functionality .although almost all other keys are also programmable ,and keep in mind that their presence always requires a little getting used to. it might be common to accidentally press them at the beginning. when looking for the control or shift keys good keys are nothing without good switches and here they sit on top of a new switch. the corsair opks combines mechanical action with optics ,the action of the keys is also constant throughout the set and the stability of

the keys is very pleasant.

It also has a 44 zone led zone, the light edge around the outside of the keyboard 11 zones on each side ,22 along the back edge as with all other lights this can be adjusted

using hardware or software. The unique metal volume wheel ,welcomes back with its textured surface and smooth rolling ,hidden next to it is a dedicated mute button and just to the south are four multimedia buttons technically .all of this is programmable .

if you want to assign them replacement functions ,corsair points out that 150 million

clicks are guaranteed for each opx switch. however the lighting quality on this keyboard is excellent and the brightness is adequate, and the only obvious symbols in low light are the lower secondary markings on the numeric keypad.

5,Corsair K70 RGB MK2 – the overall best gaming keyboard 

If you can afford this beast we say go for it and finally here we are with the gold medal and the title of the overall best gaming keyboard available on the market in 2021 .and the winner is corsair k70 rgb mk2 .This model embodies the exceptional quality we expected from the company utilizing a solid aluminum frame that uses robust cherry brand switches there are numerous similarities between this fella and its bigger brother the k70 lux rgb ,both have a durable aluminum body and bright rgb key lighting ,both generations come packaged with a removable rubber wrist rest and a

set of great textured keys for fps or moba players .

Another new addition to the mk2 design is the x-shaped channel that runs under the keyboard case ,allowing you to run the cables underneath without cluttering your desk .the layout of the k70 mk2 is a discrete standard layout with 104 keys. The k70 mk2 keys are raised leaving a generous margin between the key and the frame itself this has a double benefit ,as it allows for a more prominent display of rgb lighting and

allows you to easily remove any dirt that may accumulate under the keys.

The entire frame is connected to your desk with a long length braided cable which terminates in two usb-a keyboard ports and supplies power to the k70 mk2 usb port, like its predecessor .

The k70 mk2 also has physical keys in the upper left corner of the keyboard that can be used to change profiles and adjust backlit brightness .

These configurations can also be managed through the corsair utility engine software which continues to serve as a reliable platform for peripheral management. Probably the most notable update to the mk2 is an additional option for cherry’s new speed silver switches which previously debuted with corsair’s k95 rgb platinum .

These new switches are great because they have a shorter activation distance and require less power than the standard red blue brown or quiet switches .

Also offered with this model the shorter activation distance, makes this switch ideal for games providing as little resistance between inputs as possible and watching them translated on the screen . overall this device delivers a top-notch performance high quality all wrapped up in the best possible price quality ratio you wanted the best you got it .

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